MJ Home tutor in Islamabad offers a wide range if Islamabad IELTS home tutor. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an International standardized test of English language proficiency for those whose mother tongue is not English or for non_ native English language speakers. Our Islamabad IELTS home tutors can greatly help to prepare yourself for IELTS test.

More about IELTS:

Moreover, the knowledge and skills tested in the IELTS and listening skill, reading skill, writing skill, and speaking skill of the English language. IELTS was started in 1980 about 39 years ago. Moreover, the duration of all skills in IELTS testing is: For listening, it is a duration of 40 minutes (including the 10 minutes transfer time) and for testing reading skills, there are 60 minutes more, for testing speaking skills there are 11_ 14 minutes given to each candidate. So, the total duration is of 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Moreover, no minimum score is required to past the test. An IELTS result or Test Report Form is issued to all test takers with a score from band1 (non-user) to band9 (expert user). There is also a band0 score for those who did not attempt the IELTS test. IELTS is the high level English test for International study, migration and work. So, start you IELTS test preparation today. If you need the best home tutors for your IELTS test preparation, just contact us, MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD @ 03473343237.

MJ Home Tutor in Islamabad For IELTS:

MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD provides with the best IELTS home tutors. As, mentioned above, that for IELTS test you’ll be accessed by your four skills and all those skills are checked in a period of time, so, your IELTS home tutor will guide you for the time management and give your test perfectly and comfortably in a given time period. As, the tutors MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD provides for IELTS test preparation are those who are IELTS learned, so, they have the experience as well as the knowledge, of the criteria, which will help you a lot and will make you prepare for how to give your test in a right way.

Best Male/ Female IELTS Home Tutors in Islamabad:

MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD have the best male and female teachers for IELTS. They know the correct pronunciation for every single word and cam guide you in a better way for making you able to clear the English reading skill test. They will help yoi to enhance your listening ability by providing you different opportunities or giving you different activities which in result make you excellently prepared for the IELTS listening skill test. The IELTS specialized teachers will help you to elaborate your writing skills and will provide you with different writing skill activities and tests. So that, you can get fully prepared for your IELTS writing skill test and will have no difficulty in IELTS test according to the requirements.

As far as it is concerned for your IELTS speaking skill test, your IELTS home-tutor provided by MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD will guide you for the speaking skills preparation also by taking your speaking test, like by giving you different random topics at a time, suddenly. So that, your speaking ability could enhance and after that the other preparation as far as concerned for the IELTS speaking skill test.

So, what are you waiting for? pick your phone and contact MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD @ 03473343237 for hiring an IELTS home tutor for your self or for your child.

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