MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD provide home tutor for Cambridge system O Level A Level in Islamabad. Actually, Cambridge system is an international educational system formerly known as CIE or simply Cambridge system. We have a best range of experienced home tutor for Cambridge system O Level & A Level. Cambridge system is a provider of International qualifications, offering examinations to 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries. The government of Pakistan also recognizes Cambridge qualifications and provides equivalence with the local education system in order to ensure a smooth transition for students who choose to continue their education in Pakistan. We have the best services of home tutor for Cambridge system O Level A Level.

Cambridge System Home Tutor in Islamabad

MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD connect you with the most veteran home tutor for Cambridge system (O Level A Level) who will make you competent in such areas, which are very important if you want to study in a Cambridge system, by their guidance. Cambridge system offers school leaving qualifications for university entrance such as the Cambridge International General Certificate of  Education (IGCE) GCE A levels (Advanced level). The Cambridge system also provides key stage examinations for primary and secondary schools on an International level.

Grooming of Students of Cambridge System

So, for the preparation of those studies every student needs a personal home tutor for Cambridge system O Level A Level, who can devote a quality time with the student. And he/ she will also help the student on the areas where the child needs to accelerate and develop better understanding. The Cambridge system gives the child a clear path way for educational progress from the childhood (from age 5) till the teenage ( till age 19 ). With a broad range of subjects and flexible ways to offer them.

It helps in the better grooming of the student as the system helps students in the discovering of new abilities and a broader world and also polish their skills, (the special ones) which they need for their better life, so that they can progress and prosper at their schools, universities and on work too.

The qualifications like IGCSE, O LEVEL , AS & A LEVEL are recognized world wide as proof of the academic achievement of the child.


The General Certificate of Education(GCE), Ordinary level(O level). In this level usually 8 subjects are offered. So, from those 8 subjects 5 are compulsory subjects (Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies) And the other three are electives (different schools offer different optional subjects). MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD have the best male and female home tutors for o level system as well.


A levels and AS levels can be taught in a similar way, but A levels are more advanced and takes a longer.


Most students studying for A levels take three or four AS levels in their first year.

A levels involve 360 guided learning hours and generally take two years to complete if studied full time alongside other courses.

So, if you need home tuition for A level contact us @ 03473343237 and we “MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD” will link you with the best tutors.

Cambridge System Vs Matric System

Cambridge curriculum is totally different from that of Matric system. The schools which provide Cambridge education have a choice of 55 subjects and the freedom to offer them in any combination which they want to give.

Well Experienced Home Tutors in Islamabad

Moreover, We MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD  have an enormous range of tutors who are trained and will support the students by making better plans and using different strategies. Every year nearly a million Cambridge learners get their self prepared for their future with an education from our academy. Furthermore, those learners are mostly, confident, reflective, have an innovative approach and are responsible too. So If you want to be the one contact MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN ISLAMABAD @ 03473343237.

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